What Do Your Favourite Shoes Say About You?

What Do Your Favourite Shoes Say About You?

Each of us has a favorite pair of shoes; a pair we cherish, love to wear and which makes us feel great, whether that's due to their comfort or aesthetic. Did you know that your shoe preferences can reveal some interesting facts about your personality?

The research shows that appearance and manner of dressing is related to the character of a person. The proverb says that clothes do not make a man...but it certainly says a lot about the person. Do you want to find out what that favourite pair of petite heels in nude says about you?



Such shoes are most often worn by strong, courageous and independent women. You value freedom very much. You are an individualist and you feel best as a single. You want to feel that you yourself are the helm, sailor and ship. You don't want to adapt or translate. You prefer to live your own way, even if that means alone. You are not afraid of loneliness and you are not looking for love at any cost. On the contrary. You tend to avoid relationships, and if you do, you prefer short, intense adventures or relationships without obligation. You can take care of yourself and feel good in your own company.

You like competition and you like to be the center of attention. You put a lot of work into self-improvement and try to be better and better in everything you do.



Practical women choose flat shoes. You don't like making your life difficult. You are a nice and uncomplicated person. People like you and feel good in your company. You never turn your nose up or be mean or mean. You are willing to help, you know how to listen and you do not judge or criticize. You are the perfect friend and a great buddy to spend time together.

Your looks don't keep you awake at night. You tend to focus on your pleasures and hobbies. You do not like over-dressing and taking care of your beauty. It does not amuse you and is a waste of your time. Instead of getting painted, you prefer to sleep longer or go out earlier and take a walk admiring the view. Clothes and shoes should be comfortable and functional above all. Their appearance is of secondary importance. You like to buy in second-hand shops or exchange with your friends.



Sneakers or trainers are chosen by rebellious women of a rebellious nature. You love breaking patterns, and you don't intend to blindly stick to the rules. You want to live your way. You hate it when someone forbids you or orders you to do something. You have a very strong personality and a fiery temperament. You often enter into polemics. You love discussing controversial topics. Then you feel alive.

You tend to run away from problems. Sports footwear enthusiasts often "start their lives anew" many times. Sometimes you need a reset like this. Then you quit everything and change jobs, move out or break off contact with friends. You are not afraid to jump into deep water. You'd rather risk going into the unknown a hundred times rather than struggling in a situation that no longer suits you. You don't get attached, you don't regret, and you rarely remember. You live here and now.



Research shows that although the least comfortable, the shoes most often chosen by women are high heels! From a woman in high heels, you can expect that she always looks good, is attractive and stylish. A woman in shoes that emphasize the slenderness of her legs is sensual, mysterious, a bit aggressive and sexy. Likes to focus attention. At the same time, she can be cunning, stubborn, determined and not believing in her own abilities, and high heels are a bit of a camouflage for her, which gives her self-confidence.


You are the life of the party and a born party girl. You love to spend time with other people and make friends very quickly. You can catch a common language with everyone. You are cheerful, open and kind. You are surrounded by a positive aura of great optimism. You have the remarkable ability to come out of even the worst situations unscathed. You can also stay calm and think reasonably when the rest of them panic. Little can scare you or break you down.

Some people consider you a shallow woman, but the truth is, you've been through a lot in your life. These experiences made you strong, but at the same time they did not deprive you of joy and confidence in the world.



Red high heels mean a responsible, organized, punctual and obligatory woman. You can be relied on. You always keep your word and fulfill your tasks and promises. You always give 100% of yourself. You had the best grades in school, and you used to spend your nights studying for a test. It is the same at work. You want to develop and climb. You are a very ambitious and hardworking person. Last but not least, choosing red signals your confidence, strength and passion in life. Red heels can be provocative, or powerful, or just very pretty: the ideal footwear to draw attention.



You are a very attractive woman and you give the impression of being confident and content with life. However, under this facade there is a fragile and sensitive person. You care a lot about the opinion of others. You want people to like you and think well of you. You often put the expectations and needs of others above your own. You tend to view yourself in the eyes of others and affirm your worth in them. In a relationship, you need constant reassurance of love, which can be tiring for the other party. You are very afraid of being hurt and abandoned. You surrender your whole life to your partner, who often becomes suffocated in such a situation and seeks to escape.

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