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Shoe Styles For Shorter Women

Long legs are every woman's dream they say. It certainly was mine for a long time until I realised my height of 150cm (4.9ft) is the best it gets (yes in addition to my small feet, I’m also lacking in the height department 😂) If like me, Mother Nature has not cared about your desired centimeters, keep reading. 


We all know very well how to play with optical illusion when it comes to fashion styling for shorter or petite girls...From high-waisted trousers, vertical stripes to pencil skirts - we think we have it covered, but how about shoes for shorter women? Can we optically lengthen our legs? A few tricks will make your legs seem endless even if you are 5ft (or less) tall!


Stilettos are an ideal proposition for women with slim legs and calves, because a heel that is too thick will optically add volume to your legs . Particularly seductive models on a thin high heel delicately emphasize the feminine silhouette. Our collection of heels includes sky high stilettos and kitten heels in petite sizes. You will be spoiled for choice!


Ladies with fuller figure or bigger calves look best in block heels, which offer more stability than a stiletto heel. Thanks to them, we can beautifully balance the proportions of the figure, optically slenderizing the calves and thighs!
Remember, however, that apart from the shape of the heel, the style and color of the shoes also play an important role. Improperly chosen shoes can optically shorten your legs and overall frame which may not be in your advantage if you are already a petite woman. We have selected a few universal and extremely stylish models that will optically lengthen the legs, and what's more, they will be perfect for both everyday and more elegant styles, including wedding stylisations. 



V neck styles, inspired by the trends of the 80s, are a real fashion hit in every woman's shoedrobe for several seasons. Their characteristic V-shaped cut not only optically lengthens and slims the legs, but also slims the entire figure. We can find them both in the version with a thicker heel or a stiletto, as well as a less obvious triangular heel.



Nude wins the hearts of millions of women for a number of reasons. It not only goes with every outfit, but it can also do a lot of good for our figure. The easiest way to optically lengthen the legs is to own a pair of nude heels. Nude shoes (especially heels), softly and naturally blend with the color of the skin providing the desired effect in the company of any shorter dress or a skirt. If you choose pants - match them with the colours of the shoes, this will create a uniform look, and the legs will optically gain length. What's more, go for a total look and choose one color from head to toe that will create a coherent and harmonious line, making your frame appear longer (Godsend to all us shorties 😂)



Although transparent shoes are a slightly controversial option for the brave or who like to follow fashion trends, their advantages cannot be denied. They will not only help to create unusual stylizations, but also beautifully display well-groomed feet and lengthen the legs. Available in many styles with most popular being high heels, pumps and sandals with a transparent heel or slightly more subtle models enriched with transparent inserts.



"I'm not afraid of heights - have you seen my shoes?" Carrie Bradshaw would say. Therefore, do not be afraid of high heels and feel free to wear them not only on special occasions, but also every day. In fact, there are a number of benefits of wearing high heels, just check our blog post on this exact topic here. Be sure to avoid shoes that fasten around the ankle, which will make the calf appear thicker and shorter than it actually is. Instead, stock up on classic pointed-toe pumps, which will optically lengthen your legs and phenomenally slim the figure.

Our award to the most flattering and leg lengthening shoe style goes to...CORA petite court shoes. They combine majority of features that will not only make your legs appear longer but will also become your shoedrobe staple thanks to their ability to adapt to a number of outfits. Combining high heel, v neck silhouette, pointed toe and buttery soft nude leather. If you could only own one pair of heels, the Cora petite size heels would be our number one choice! 
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