About Us

PiccolaShoes - Small designer shoes without a designer price tag!

I'm Viola, the founder of PiccolaShoes. I spent years searching for retailers who could satisfy my passion for shoes but I had one major issue - size 1 (33 EU) feet! Most often I had to settle on children's size styles or choose an expensive, specialised online retailer and spend £££ on a pair, once or twice a year - as a treat!  I began to question the status quo. Women with petite feet should have more choice, they should be able to shop around and buy beautiful, on trend, hand crafted, leather shoes without breaking the bank.

I searched far and wide and found European brands that shared my passion and were willing to support my mission.
That's when PiccolaShoes was born.

We work with EU producers, exclusive designers like Massimo Poli, who allow us to fulfil our vision for each style. You can rest assured that every pretty little shoe you buy from us is hand finished to the highest standards using Italian leather and highest quality components. 

Obsession with shoes was matched with my equal love for unique leather handbags and quality accessories. As a result, a decision was made to team up with some international designers to bring those carefully selected accessories to PiccolaShoes and help you complement your look. Hope you find something you love and share my passion.

Thank you for supporting our vision - Viola xxx